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Women Think These Are Sexy


A good friend of mine recently had a surgery and posted a picture of his scar. This prompted me to think about my own scars and whether or not they actually are attractive to the opposite sex? So I’m putting this out there hopefully to get an answer.

This also got me to thinking about my own trials and tribulations and that not all scars are external. Currently we have an epidemic with veterans that are dramatically scarred and living with internal psychological issues. I relate to that with my own internal scars, depression, living with the lack of my extremities makes the future a difficult thing to grasp…Continue reading below survey.

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I think the most important part of trudging through the world and our lives is connecting with other people in positive ways. I tried to connect on so many different levels and we are fortunate to have the outlets on social media that allow us to share and socialize without having to be right next to each other. I believe this is all that it takes to make sure your friends and family are staying safe and know that they are loved and like and enjoyed. Sometimes a like on Facebook, a retweet, a follow, or a comment to mean the world to people who are reaching out for help in ways that may not seem like they are reaching.

I appreciate each and every one of you that take the time to read and check out all of the random stuff I try to do to promote awareness for individuals living with paralysis. I hope to continue this for many years to come.


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