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Quadriplegic Seeks Assistance for Home Modification


Quadriplegic Seeks Assistance for Home Modification

I need your help.


I am a C3 complete quadriplegic US Marine Corps Veteran passionate about living independently and providing leadership within the disabled and able-bodied community.  My focus is on wheelchair accessibility and Smarthome technology to increase the independence of the individual affected by the disability and decrease the work and stress on caregivers providing services to that person.

My goal is to obtain assistance that can be used to modify an existing structure as a benefit and example to builders, realtors, people with disabilities, and their families to gain a better understanding of universal design and home accessibility.

Been a long hard road since August 2014

There is only so much you can modify when renting

Since my injury in 2014, I have rented properties in Florida and have made the necessary adjustments to facilitate my day-to-day living arrangements.  These include my daughter (half the year), at least one live-in caregiver, various supplies, additional wheelchairs and storage for durable medical equipment.  But there is only so much to do when renting.  So, I have worked hard to improve my credit, sought assistance from the county and the Department of Veterans Affairs and I began the purchase of a new home.

Example of a modified wheelchair accessible bathroom.

Fortunately, being on disability and a VA pension provided me enough income to finance a $150,000 property, but not enough to modify it for my needs.

Some rough estimates: (AARP)

Given the amount, most properties within this range are not close to being accessible and definitely were not built for a 600 pound power wheelchair and a 200 pound adult male to easily enter and exit, shower, socialize, cook meals, etc. I have built a budget at $30,000 for interior modifications, an additional $20, 000 for exterior modifications.

Given the information available via several nonprofits have found the following to be a pretty accurate representation of expenditures.  These are estimates and I expect to stay midrange on all.  Are some examples of the costs necessary to modify my home.

  • How much does it cost to install a shower?

The average cost to install a shower stall, including the pan, doors, and plumbing is around $2,000-$6,000.

  • How much does it cost to install new, wider entryways with zero threshold?

Installing a permanent, entryway costs between $1,500-$3,250.

  • How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

The average cost to remodel a bathroom is around $18,000.

  • How much does it cost to build a handicap bathroom?

Bathroom renovations to accommodate a disability or aging in place, including a curb free shower, grab bars, and faucets with lever handle costs around $9,000.

Typical costs for modifying a kitchen will range from $15,000 to $20,000.

As you can see there are many adaptations and modifications that need to be done to make the home accessible and to create a positive living environment for myself and my family.  Every dollar that I can obtain towards this cause will help!  I will be updating continuously and creating a Facebook presence for this particular project.

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$50,000 Aging in Place quadriplegic

I hope to take this experience and use it to assist others to include: builders, architects, technology professionals, in the adaptation of residential properties to fit the needs of individuals with disabilities.


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