Here is my seven years after breaking my neck update.

Besides some lingering depression life is good. Over the last seven years, I’ve managed to cofound a nonprofit to help other people with paralysis become more independent. I partnered up with a longtime friend and built a business assisting assistive technology specialists throughout the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide better care to our veterans as a vendor and consultant.

I have been a director on two different nonprofit boards. This morning I was asked by a doctoral student to assist with input on a new assistive device that they are hoping will make better lives for people with limited mobility.

They called me an “expert” which I found interesting.

Became a grandfather in the last year which has been awesome. Had three daughters who graduated high school and one that’s almost done with college.

Learned the depth of my parent’s love for me. Still having a difficult time showing appreciation for that.

Been through the ups and downs that people have during their lives. Relationships ending, relationships beginning, relationships changing. Depression, happiness, anger, and every other spectrum of emotion.

The point being I’m still living a normal existence regardless of the barriers put in front of me. Being a quadriplegic doesn’t make me extraordinary or special. But I think my resilience and fortitude and ability to persevere have always created the momentum that makes me successful in life regardless of circumstance.

All I need now is…more cowbell.