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Quadriplegic Disabled Gaming

My WOW History

I began World of Warcraft Oct 27, 08 as a troll hunter (FINFIN) on the Anub’arak server where I stayed until March 2017. Currently I spend a lot of time as a guardian druid (HAYTOTHEWOOD) on Zul’jin and started playing a tank August 28, 2009. Why do I bring this up? Because, in August 2014 I broke my neck changing my ability to perform a lot of different functions including using my hands to play World of Warcraft. I spent seven months in rehab and got back into playing towards the end of the WOD expansion and more so when Legion came out.



Prior to my injury I was able to effortlessly tank 😉 just about anything and lost touch with my DPS hunter character. Being a bear druid took over and I really enjoy being able to play this role. Post injury I have had difficulty with tanking based on being able to position properly, being too slow, and lack of current experience. So hopefully this additional information about me and what I’m going through will assist people in understanding when I’m in a group with them that I’m getting my player experience updated inside of these types of instances so that I can be better and play more along with my able-bodied group members.

Character Information

Also known as Quadcapable the Patient
Level 110 Tauren Druid
Achievement points:
out of 28685
Honorable kills:
Leatherworking Leatherworking(800)
Skinning Skinning(800)
First Aid First Aid(615)
Fishing Fishing(348)
Cooking Cooking(800)
Archaeology Archaeology(4)
Artifact Weapon:
Iron ClawsVicious BitesSharpened InstinctsWildfleshPerpetual SpringBear HugBloody PawsJagged ClawsEmbrace of the NightmareBestial FortitudeMaulerUrsoc's EnduranceGory FurReinforced FurAdaptive FurRoar of the CrowdUrsoc's Bond
Rampant WildfireForeign ContaminantApocron's Energy Core



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