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People Are Assholes

I want to believe that people are inherently good and want to do good things. Only until recently I’ve learned that people are assholes. Not to say there are not good people out there that care and don’t attempt to take advantage of everything that comes their way. But unfortunately I have to say there is a little bit of asshole in all of us. No pun intended. Now to what degree you are an asshole fluctuates from person-to-person and in some it is hardly detectable. However, it is there waiting for the moment to jump out and show you its true color. To those that can control it and keep it buried deep inside I applaud you because most are just waiting to seize the opportunity to be the asshole they were meant to be.

Now I am a little bit jaded and given my current circumstance of being a quadriplegic I may be more so than ever before. I do have a good outlook on life and I stay positive most of the time. But sitting here as I do I began to notice that there are two types of people I run into. The first type are the caring people that have their asshole buried deep inside and fight to keep it down. The second type are assholes. Unfortunately it is hard to point these people out because they are camouflaged to look like type ones. So here in lies the problem we have in society today where we can’t tell a true asshole from a person or group of people who are trying their hardest not to be assholes.

Back to the point. Over the course of the last 1 ½ years directly following my injury I’ve had “friends,” “trusted” employees, and perfect strangers do their best to be assholes to me. What bugs me about this the most is that before my injury none of these people or persons would have been this way. They were the first type of people whom put in a certain circumstance showed how big of assholes they could be. To inform the world or whoever reads my blog and Facebook posts I would like to give you a few examples from my own personal life. I guess that’s what a blog for anyways.

Here are some of the most blatant assholes in my life over the past year in no specific order. The girl that moved in to help my fiancé while I was in the hospital who decided to pawn all of my tools along with the jewelry I bought for my fiancé the Christmas before. Giving her an opportunity of amnesty she denied any wrongdoing even though we had the evidence from the pawnshop. She is now on probation. This happened over the first six months I was in the hospital. Bear in mind I paid this girl every week for her assistance, fed her, and let her live in my house. Before the injury she was considered a friend.

So second asshole in my life recently. When I was released from the hospital I began to work from home and hired a past employee to assist me in the day-to-day of my business. In some instances she was left alone in particular when I was admitted to the hospital again for sepsis. Upon arriving home my laptop, and my fiancé’s jewelry which we had rescued from the pawnshop was missing again. And of course everyone denied. During this period we were also moving to a new house so I allowed this assistant to work from home and use one of my desktop computers to do so. We then filed a police report on the previously missing items and included anyone who had been in the house including this assistant and we have not heard from her sense. She still has my work computer and phone.

I believe these two had buried there and are assholes previously but given the circumstance it fought its way to the surface and their true asshole spewed out. Maybe if I wasn’t handicapped people would be less likely to show their true asshole to me. Unfortunately the subconscious asshole believes different. Don’t get me wrong I am an asshole to. To most it can’t be seen but to some it shines bright like a highly polished rodeo belt buckle.

There are many assholes that I have left out that I come in contact with on a daily basis like the home health aide that left two hours early today into her four hour shift without getting me out of bed and after talking on her phone for at least one and a half hours of the time she was here. I guess people think I’m helpless because of my injury. They believe I have no ability to act, and that I don’t have the means to follow through. They could not be more wrong. They do not know me. They don’t know that I will persevere, I will endure, and I will win. So to all the assholes, you need to watch out. I’m not as handicapped as it may seem and believe it or not we live in a world where you can still get punched in your mouth for being asshole.


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