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Hanging out with Oceans of Hope

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I would first like to thank Oceans of Hope a Florida nonprofit that puts paralyzed and disabled individuals back in the water to enable them to have some fun in the sand and surf. What a great organization to be a part of and I’m very blessed to live so close to take advantage of this and so many other opportunities as a quadriplegic. Oceans of Hope allowed me to get back in the water almost 2 years after the accident where I was paralyzed and drowning in the ocean. My first trip back was awesome can’t wait to go back in September and feel that saltwater spray on my face.I would also like to think and shout out To Beach Mobility Rentals LLC and Getonthesand.com for all their help specifically with the Mobichair which allowed me to lounge around in the water for a little bit.

For those of you who would like to become involved you can check out Oceans of Hope Foundation to volunteer or participate as an athlete. They are always looking for sponsors and people to donate to assist them with carrying on this great event. I would also like to thank Paralyzed Veterans of America Central Florida Chapter PVACF.org as they continue to support my endeavors within the community and with my life. I have to say that my main reason for doing this was a my love of the water but to show the example to other paralyzed individuals that you can still be a part of something, still have fun, and still get outside of the house with great people for great times.

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Check out the Video of Me Surfing Thank You to the Oceans of Hope nonprofit in new Smyrna Beach



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