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Handicap Accessibility in a Galaxy Far Far Away


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…accessibility experts toil away ensuring the Death Star meets all of the Imperial requirements for disability access. We all know the story as told by Lucasfilm’s and now Disney from the perspective of the all capable Jedi Knights however from my viewpoint I look at Star Wars a little differently and I found myself wondering how I would make my way around the galaxy in my wheelchair. So I set out to have a few questions answered: “are the stalls on the death Star accessible?” “How do the handicap Ewoks make it through their forest village high up in the trees?” “Are there tiedown straps in the Millennium falcon?”

Using my intergalactic search tool i.e. my laptop and Google to see if I could find any evidence that the Empire or the resistance kept any standards for handicap accessibility was pleased to find they did. However in some instances fell very very short.

Apparently the “evil” Empire does issue wheelchairs to their veterans. As evidenced in this picture.
Handicapped storm trooper

Once a Jedi has trained an apprentice they move on to some deserted planet old folks home.

and even the fastest bucket in the galaxy got an accessible ramp thrown in.

But leave it to the little furry guys on Endor to get it all wrong.

No elevators here!


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